Consulting Services

Boyle Counseling & Consulting LLC offers in house consulting, but also partners with independent consultants to provide an array of support and direction to meet your business or personal needs.

Cindy R. Boyle MA, LMHC, NCC

Cindy provides consulting services for mental health issues, parenting concerns, and employer/employee relations.  For those in the helping/human service fields (both professionals and volunteers), Cindy provides workshops and trainings about animal assisted therapy.  Below is a more detailed explanation of the services for which Cindy has provided consultations.

Mental Health Consulting

  • Evaluating a child or adult’s symptoms to rule out or identify a possible mental health diagnosis (depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, etc…).  Should a diagnosis be determined Cindy will work with the individual, family or business to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Parenting Concerns

  • “Nanny 911 Services”  Is the tongue in cheek name Cindy calls her individualized parenting program.  As a part of this consulting service Cindy will meet with the parent/caregiver to discuss their concerns.  She will then observe the child(ren) in a variety of settings (home, school, office, etc…) and develop a personalized program for parents to utilize to help them enable their children to be successful and have peace reign ;-)
  • If upon evaluation of the situation, parenting concerns appear to suggest more issues are at play (medical condition, possible trauma reaction, etc..) Cindy will help facilitate appropriate interventions and referrals when necessary.

Employer/employee relations, Customer Service Evaluation and Training

  • Cindy will consult with employers for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to:
    • providing communication skills training
    • customer service evaluation/training
    • mediation services for a variety of workplace issues.

Animal Assisted Therapy

  • From the time she was a little girl who counted on the calming influence of her dog to get her through severe asthma attacks, Cindy has known how an animal’s presence and unconditional acceptance and love has a healing power.  As an adult she has studied and continues to do research on this phenomenon utilizing animal assisted therapy.  Cindy utilizes fish, dogs, and cats with clients in her Waterloo office on an individual basis and at the client’s request.  As our understanding of the brain and the biochemical reactions that take place when one interacts with animals (notably the release of the neuromodulating hormone oxytocin) we are beginning to have a scientific explanation for why this therapeutic alliance can be so beneficial, particularly in work with trauma victims, children on the autism spectrum, and children with attachment difficulties.  Cindy presents workshops on this therapeutic modality at professional conferences and she is happy to consult with others locally to help them be able to tap into the benefits of animal assisted therapy for a variety of settings in a responsible, respectful manner.