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Grandfamilies Support Group

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Grandfamilies are families headed by grandparents and other relatives who are sharing their homes with their grandchildren/other related children. Grandparents stepped in to provide custodial support when parents could not care for their own children.
Grandfamilies are formed due to a variety of issues, such as: substance abuse, mental illness, military deployment, parental death, and incarceration.  Grandfamilies exist all over the country, in all income brackets, and among all races and ethnicities.


Social Skills/Good Friends Group

(children must be pre-screened to participate).

This is a therapeutic group for children between the ages of 7-11 to help children who struggle with social situations.  This group is appropriate for kids with ADHD, autistic spectrum issues, anxiety/social anxiety, victims of bullying or any other issues which inhibit or interfere in their ability to succeed socially and confidently among their peers.
Due to the therapeutic nature of this group, children must be pre-screened and evaluated for group fit.  Insurance typically covers the cost of group participation for qualified students.


Families/Friends of Those on the Autistic Spectrum  (ON HIATUS, due to lack of participation)

This is a free support group, open to anyone who has a loved one dealing with Autistic Spectrum Disorders like Asperger’s.  While most people have some understanding about what autism is, too often friends and family members don’t get the support and understanding they need to deal with some of the unique challenges of caring for someone on the spectrum.  Connect, share, find and give support and learn how along with the challenges of caring for a child or adult on the spectrum.  With the challenges come a wide array of talents and qualities that make these relationships worth the effort.

*For more specific details/questions please contact us via Web or give us a call at 319-610-4179.